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So you've enjoyed our comics and are enthusiastic to support us in our quest to keep on making awesome content! It's very easy, even the simplest act can help us in our mission to spread the word of Yorgoth to the masses.

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We can be found on Pinterest with general art and illustration. We post weekly on communities like Reddit as watkanjewel, on 9gag as couldbeworsecom and don't forget to follow our tumblr account!


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While surfing the web most people will use a browser add-on that prevents all those spammy pop-ups and sound playing ads. For most websites that provide free content the advertisement is their only way of income to make sure that the website stays online. Webhosting, promotion and time spend on creating original and hilarious content cost money. We are making sure that the ads that we show on our website are safe, non pop-ups and have no sound playing. The best way to help us, without any extra effort on your side, is to make sure you except our websites from your ad-blocking add-on. If your browser isn't listed below, you can't find a way to disable it even with our awesome tips, or have an older version, please refer to your local IT-nerd for help!

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Cold Hard Cash


We are looking to provide various types of merchandise in the near future. Want to have something for yourself or give somebody the best gift they'll ever get? Why not get something from your favourite comic!


You want to support our cause and make sure we can effort webhosting, pencils, food and new chainmail armor for our next LARP event? Use our donate button and your paypall acount to directly fund our mission to make sure the world is a slightly funnier place!

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