Henk from


Henk is the protagonist of the comics. Sarcastic, skeptical and sometimes a bit naive, with a hart of slightly tarnished gold. He lives in with his significant other Anna, his house-deity Yorgoth and a varying amount of random other characters.

Anna from


Our main character's love interest, often the voice of reason and the brains of the operation. Full with latent feelings of motherly love for their adopted spawn of evil and working an ungrateful job in retail.

Ctuly from


Ctuly, hell demon and mistress of fear and nightmares is the granddaughter of Ctulu. After a drunken bender Henk agreed to look out for ctuly, much to the enjoyment of Anne. Besides being a three thousand year old entity of pure evil, she's just a adorable little kid.

Yorgoth from


All hail Lord Yorgoth, bringer of yoghurt and fruit flavored deserts! Pray hard and there might even be some crusli in it for you! Henk is one of Yorgoth's most devout followers, spreading his word and even tagging along to various social event. Not so much a god of many words, but rather of great deeds.

Robby the Robot from

Robby de Robot

Robby started of as the master-cocktail-maker and butler in the Henk household, but soon was drawn towards the glamorous stage of stand up comedy. His career has seen high points and low depths. After a highly successful comedy special week, which was well praised by all the leading critics, he disappeared off in the distance.

Stan from


He is Ha-Satan, prince of darkness, the bane of humanity, the defiler, the great adversary. Lord of all Daemons and ruler of the ninth circle of hell. Call him Legion for he is many! Or just Stan to his friends.

Betty from


Betsi the political cow is always looking to start a intellectual debate about the current state of politics, forgetting the fact that she's actually a cow.

Peter Panda from

Peter Panda

Peter Panda, the hero of NeverNeverland. Fighting the evil Captain Hook with his trusty sidekick Tinkerbell!


Niels's brother in arms with the ungrateful task of making sure that new comics actually get released sort of on time, and making a futile attempt in trying to keep as many typo's out of the content as possible.



The genius behind these comics. From Niels's artistic hand comes a various amount of comics and illustration, with different styles which where refined over the last decade and still continue to grow. Suffering from a serious case of dyslexia and often a late deadline to get the comics out in time, the occasional typo will show up in the dialog.

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