Wat kan je wel?

Wat kan je wel? or What can you do? weirdly translated to English started as a small Dutch webcomic about the adventures of fictional character Henk and his friends, family and house deity. The short comics are filled with inside jokes, current world events and personal experiences from the artist. With a steady biweekly update and a 3 year run period it seems that we're still running strong and growing!

Could Be Worse

To spread our wings we'd decide in 2013 to convert the comics and website to English. After a lot of bumps in the road and side projects taking up precious time in 2014 we finally got our project online. All the old Dutch comics are remasterd with new text and sometimes new art. We tried to stay as close as possible to the old jokes, but translating them from one language to another was sometimes impossible, so we had to do some adjusting along the way.


2paneltales is one of those project that went from a small gag to living it's own life. Consisting of short, stand-alone comics that more often then not feature profanity and a bit more adult content. All comics are in English and aim towards the general internet communities like Reddit and 9gag. Be warned that some people might see these as slightly offensive or in bad taste.

Other Projects

We are always working on side projects, be it other illustrations, commission work, games or paper publications. Most of those will also feature in ourgallery or on our Pinterest page. Interested in contacting us about your own project or questions about any of ours? Check hereto reach us!

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